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Curious about open relationships? Wonder why you’re still single? Ever wanted to attend a sex party? Ignite Intimacy brings together experts, authors, lovers, and others to dive deep into the topics of intimacy, romantic relationships, sexuality and the plethora of issues, aha’s, taboo’s, fantasies and psychological impacts that go along with these topics in a conversational format with our guests. Are you a curiosity seeker?! Then join us as we Ignite Intimacy!!
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A podcast diving deep into the realms of INTIMACY, Romantic Relationships, SEXUALITY, and the plethora of issues, aha’s, TABOOS, Fantasies, and psychological impacts and many layers of these topics including: redefining our relationship to Intimacy; JEALOUSY; Infidelity; the secret sauce to Long-Term Fulfilling Relationships; OPEN  Relationships; Polyamory; Physical, Psychic, & Spiritual Attachments; MONOGAMY; Self-Pleasuring; the Freedom that comes with Transparency; Honesty vs. Dishonesty; the long term impact of KEEPING SECRETS; Communication; DESIRE; Chasing vs. Attracting - and more!

We will be featuring special guests, experts, and everyday people who’ve got stories to tell and opinions to share about LoveRomanceIntimacy, and Sexuality. The point is to get this conversation out there in a much bigger way. This is not a typical ‘interview’ style program - it’s an ongoing conversation. My guests and I will go back and forth and roll with the energy and topics as they present themselves.

Ready to turn on the conversation?!!

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Oct 17, 2016

Lindsay Miller is a deeply authentic, creative and courageous woman on a mission to share her journey from breakdown to breakthrough by consciously cultivating more pleasure in her day to day life and business.

In episode 9 of Ignite Intimacy Lindsay and I dive deep into a transparent and vulnerable conversation about discovering where our power actually lies when our identity is stripped away, what's possible when we choose pleasure first and allow ourselves as women to move from the masculine way of 'pushing' through life to a more divinely feminine way of inviting more pleasure as we explore and experience a life truly worth living!

Lindsay A. Miller is a highly sought after photographer. She creates wild visual brands for her clients that allow them to stand out and be seen authentically for who they truly are. She works with entrepreneurs who are ready to be Wildly Visible. After a successful career as an award -winning photojournalist, Lindsay has now created a life and business of her dreams. Based in Oakland California, Lindsay does work all over the world from Paris to Bali, New York and Miami. 

Behind all of Lindsay’s work is an understanding that having your photo taken is about being seen. It’s about being raw and real, it’s about being authentic. “I want a photo shoot to change you forever. I want to know what stands in the way of you being seen. If I were to dig deep, I want to know what it is I'll find, and move forward from that point.”

Lindsay has recently used her photography to express and photograph her self in new and deeper ways, allowing her to use her sexuality, her femininity and all of her emotions to express who she is. In the process she is unleashing a new level of creating for her clients.

Go to to connect with Lindsay and to experience more of her work.

Oct 11, 2016

Curious about terms like 'gender queer?' Ever wonder when is the 'right' time to make a move when you're feeling attracted to someone?! Want to know when is the best time to have that oh so convenient but oh so necessary conversation about STD's with a potential lover or partner?

Join sexpert Marcia Baczynski and I as we dive deep into the topics of Gender, Attraction and talking about that oh so juicy topic.. S E X on Episode 8 of Ignite Intimacy!!

Marcia gives us her special tips and tricks for opening up, exploring and having those sometimes uncomfortable conversations around sex and sexuality.

Here's more about our special guest:

Marcia Baczynski is a sex educator and relationship coach who works to provide people with practical tools to create extraordinary relationships. Her primary mission is to help people overcome shame and get in touch with what they truly want — romantically, sexually and relationally — even if it’s off the beaten path.

Marcia works with a select group of clients one-on-one each year, teaches workshops, and leads ongoing group classes throughout North America. Her virtual course, “The Good Girl Recovery Program,” helps women to break out of the roles that keep them small and unsatisfied, and move into being more of who they are in all areas of their lives. She blogs practical advice for sexual communication at Marcia brings wisdom, humor, and creativity to all aspects of her work, and offers a fresh perspective on love, sex and relationships.



Gender Outlaw by Kate Bornstein

Living with Herpes:

Adrial Dale's


Sep 21, 2016

I thought it would be cool to have a PhD on the show to talk more about holistic practices like Ayurveda and how they apply and relate to sex, sexuality and our connections to ourselves and each other.

In Episode 7 of Ignite Intimacy, Dr. Michele Summers Colon and I dive into the topic of sex, Ayurveda, the Three Pillars and keeping you lubed up inside and out for healthy living.

Dr. Michele Summers Colon is a frickin' powerhouse! She is the author of Body Wisdom: 10 Weeks to Transformation So You Can Get and Feel Healthy Again. She is also a physician, entrepreneur, yoga instructor, and a motivational speaker offering workshops and online courses based on her book. And... she has a shoe line for women that are made to encourage happy and healthy feet from her years of experience and expertise as a podiatrist!

Dr. Michele's goal is to inspire women to live happier, healthier lives that honor their own bodies, wants, and desires. She is a holistic podiatrist in Southern California and lives with her daughter in a suburb east of Los Angeles, California where she hikes and practices yoga.

Visit Dr. Colon on her website at and tune in for a fresh episode of Ignite Intimacy!

Sep 9, 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your cake AND eat it too in your romantic relationships? Not sure monogamy is for you?

Victoria Rosa has has been polyamorous for 10 years and non-monogamous for much longer. In that time, and in her 3 years of coaching in this area, she has seen it all - the good, the bad, the ugly and the utterly joyful.

In this episode of Ignite Intimacy Victoria and I decode the terms ‘Polyamory’ and ‘Open Relationships’ and dive into the topic of Jealousy exploring ways to redefine our relationship to this uncomfortable feeling that most of us experience from time to time. Victoria shares her tips and tricks with us! We also discuss transparency vs. keeping secrets and the power of empowered communication in our relationships.

Victoria suggests the following resources to further explore the history of sex and the topics we explored in episode 6:

Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha-

The Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy -

Opening Up by Tristan Taormino -

Victoria Rosa works with people in open and polyamorous relationships, helping them avoid the pitfalls, so that they can have as much fun, love and connection as they crave while maintaining strong, healthy relationships. Aside from her coaching work she is also an organizer running events in London. Originally from Spain, she works with people all over the world in both Spanish and English.

Are you curious to discover the joy that can ultimately come from consciously choosing the best types of relationships for your life to thrive?! Then you’ll definitely want to join us for this episode!!

Sep 6, 2016

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Diana M. Joice via the interwebs for a vibrant Ignite Intimacy conversation all the way from her home in Germany!

We dive into the power of acknowledging, facing and claiming our shadow, you know, the darkest sides of ourselves that many of us like to ignore or keep hidden (or locked) behind closed doors, as a way to embrace ourselves fully and wholly so that we can have more dynamic, powerful and juicy intimate and sexual experiences in our lives!

Diana also shares a special treat with us towards the end that is hot, real, sacred and raw. This is an episode you definitely want to experience!

Diana M. Joice is a master facilitator and guide for initiation into the arts of sacred intimacy. Blending her expertise and training in NLP, Tao, Tantra, Jungian Analysis, White Goddess Training, and the Science of Bonding, Diana is a catalyst for those committed to breaking through their deepest barriers to union and connection.

She is an expert in guiding high achievers to heal, transcend and deepen their relationships through mind blowing sex, soul deep intimacy and heartfelt understanding of themselves and their partners.

Many of her clients are powerhouses, confident, successful women who want relationships dripping of desire and burning with juiciness. To finally reach a space inside that allows surrender and freedom and carefreeness… and INTIMACY!

Aug 2, 2016

Did you know that worldwide, pornography rakes in anywhere from $57 Billion to $100 Billon annually?! In the United States it generates more revenue than ABC, CBS and NBC combined and more than all professional football, baseball and basketball franchises combined annually!* Wow! This is a LOT of porn being consumed!!

When I sat on the couch of some of my favorite people in the world recently, with the intention of recording this conversation, we wondered, 'hmmm... which topic shall we record our conversation on?! There are just sooo many things we could dive into!!'

And then I asked the question... 'Is porn bad?!' And there you have it... we got the mic, and with their 10 month son running around in the background (you'll hear his laughter and voice in the background of this recording) we dove deep into this topic. 

This is a powerful topic and a powerful conversation that you definitely want to tune into! We explore porn from a man's and a woman's perspective, discuss the impact easily accessible porn via the internet is having on the youth and our intimate connections in adult relationships and oh so much more!!

Now more on my guests....  


Hailing originally from Jamaica and Guyana, founding artistic producers/choreographers husband-and-wife team N’Jelle Gage and Guy Thorne are the creators of FuturPointe Dance, a genre bending Rochester, New York based dance theater company, created in 2009 by this dynamic duo. They are also some of the most evolutionary, mind/heart/soul expanding and amazing human beings I know!

Their company FuturPointe's work is called Reggae-Ballet© characterized by a sensory, multi-genre repertoire born of a sophisticated fusion of traditional and modern Caribbean dance forms, ballet, and Latin vocabulary. The company's repertoire incorporates elements of multi-media, fashion, and provocative performance art to produce an unusual and emotionally transporting dance experience.


Guy Thorne emigrated from Jamaica as a young man, beginning his career in the US as a scholarship student at the Dance Theater of Harlem & later joining Garth Fagan Dance ( 2002-2009). 

FuturPointe Dance co-founder, president and Artistic Director N’Jelle Gage-Thorne is an international dancer and educator that has worked extensively throughout the United States, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean. 

N’Jelle Gage-Thorne also teaches master classes in Caribbean contemporary dance techniques (Tecnica Cubana, L’Antech ™, Reggae ballet, Jamaican urban jazz) at college residencies, festivals, the Draper Center for Dance Education in New York State, and studios across the country.

Check them out online at:

*Statistics cited from the book 'Sex At Dawn' by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha

Jul 26, 2016

Abba Yahudah is a true mystic and renaissance man. He is the only person I know to date who hasn’t touched a dollar bill, or no other form of money in over 20 years. He went barefoot for 7 years and has lived, loved and journeyed around the world seeking wisdom from cultures near and far. Born in Jamaica, and now living in Oakland, California, Abba Yahudah is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and creative. Aside from launching successful business ventures with his close family and community like Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals, OAKSTOP - a co-working space in downtown Oakland, CA and Got Brand Solutions - a branding and marketing firm in the Bay Area, he is also a renowned fine artist, author and architectural designer.

Tune in to our conversation on the Ignite Intimacy podcast where we venture into and through the topics of redefining our relationship to intimacy, maximizing the family dynamic in order to develop deeper intimacy with each other, the creation of taboos that are the root cause of certain perversions, choosing freedom over love, the divine Feminine, honoring our own (and others) divine alters and so much more. This conversation is filled with insights and wisdom from one of my favorite bredren!! 


To learn more about Abba Yahudah please visit him online at:, and check out his book A Journey to the Roots of Rastafari on! You can also link up with him on @AbbaYahudah 

Giving thanks for the opportunity to reason with this powerful, wise and deep bredren and friend! Enjoy and share with your friends!!

Jul 19, 2016

Dana Saylor is a 21st century woman and dynamic being living in these powerful times, although she could have easily lived in the 1950’s with her grounded energy and savvy.

We dive into her own relational experiences past, present and future, especially as a married woman who decided to broach the topic of open relationships with her husband, and what happened as a result. She turns me on to the Kinsey Scale, and how to be transparent and open about our own sexual orientation, our desires and fantasies. We dive into non-negotiables, the power of alone time, online dating, ‘swipe’ culture and more!

Dana is an artist, historian, and event planner… a 'creative place maker' of sorts, which is a blanket term that she uses to define her passions and expertise in art, historical research, event planning, and the consulting she offers community organizations to bring more juice to local events in innovative ways.

She is most definitely a leader who respects both cultural and architectural history, and a visual artist depicting architecture and other beauty she sees as well.

Are you ready to dispel the myth with Dana and I? Then tune in NOW!


Find Dana and learn more about her projects, consulting and art online at and She is also a Vice President and Co-Founder of Emerging Leaders in the Arts in Buffalo, NY and a member of the Young Buffalo Preservationists and you can find her on Facebook at @UrbanSketchersBuffalo

Jul 19, 2016

Welcome to this brand spanking new podcast created to dive deep into the topics of intimacy, romantic relationships and sexuality and the all of everything that connects, aligns and intersects with these topics! Join your host Ms LAH and her enticing, brilliant, courageous, freaky guests as they explore taboo subjects that many of us think or fantasize about, but may not openly talk about or share with our friends and loved ones. It’s getting HOT in here… Ignite Intimacy is officially launched with this introduction to the podcast!!!

**Heads up that Ignite Intimacy focuses on adult subject matter. If you’re listening to this podcast with little ones within ear shot, we suggest you listen with headphones! Also, if you’ve experienced trauma or believe you might get triggered in less than desirable ways by tuning in, we trust that you will make the best decision for yourself about whether or not it’s in your best interest to listen to this podcast. Our intention is to provide a platform where we can have an open dialogue about subjects that are generally considered taboo. Official disclaimer at**

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